Playtime is Back with Mosquito Joe!

Playtime is Back with Mosquito Joe!

Our mission at Mosquito Joe is to make outside fun again. That’s what we are all about and that’s what our staff is dedicated to providing for our clients. We know the value of spending time outside with your family and friends, and we want to help make that time a little less itch and a lot more fun!

Our technicians are trained to identify and treat mosquito sources (standing water) and resting areas. So we not only control mosquitoes as adults, we control them at the egg stage as well which makes our barrier sprays much more effective. We also require that all of our technicians are certified with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture to safely and effectively apply mosquito control products.

The way our program works is we come out to service your property every 3 weeks. Our technicians are going to thoroughly treat your entire property from the mosquito sources to the resting places every time we do a treatment. Typically, you will see an 80-95% reduction in the mosquito population after we spray. We get the very best results after the second and third sprays because we must break the life cycle of the mosquitoes. We also highly recommend starting early in the year. This way we get control of the mosquitoes before they ever build up a large population.

We back our service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you aren’t happy with the level of control we give you, just let us know within 15 days of your last treatment and we will schedule a free respray for you. We do not require a contract so there really is nothing to lose except for mosquitoes!

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