Check out the latest buzz about Mosquito Joe.

Mosquito Joe is making headlines about our mosquito control services and how we’re making outside fun again. Check out some of the latest press about Mosquito Joe.

Mosquito Live Pop Quiz

August 2018

Mosquito Joe manager Dee Lavery gives a pop quiz on ways you can prevent mosquitoes in your backyard. Watch the video to take the quiz and learn more on how to make outside fun again.

West Nile-infected mosquitoes found in Shelby County

June 2018

Mosquitoes with West Nile Virus were found in the Shelby County area. Find out how Mosquito Joe can keep you and your family safe from these mosquitoes all season long. Learn more.

How Heat & Rain Impact Mosquito Activity Mid-Season

July 2018

Watch the video to learn how standing water in your yard can be a mosquito breeding ground, and ways to prevent this.

Mosquito Control Awareness Week

June 2018

For every customer who signs up during Mosquito Control Awareness Week, Mosquito Joe of East Memphis will donate $10 to Nothing But Nets, a program committed to providing mosquito nets to people in Africa. Learn more.

Mosquito Myths During Cold Seasons

May 2018

Did you know there is a difference between mosquitoes that are out during the day vs. night? Find out which time of day has the disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Bites from Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks Transmit More Diseases Than Ever

May 2018

Mosquito and tick diseases have tripled since 2004. It’s more important than ever to make sure you’re protecting yourself while outside. Learn More.